Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When We Had Much Less

This week-end our three children, 2 children-in-law, 2.5 grandaughters, and 2 granddogs will be Alabamy bound. This means a great deal to Zannie and me because to have them all together just does not happen but maybe at Christmas. We have had much less time with our family than we would like so we appreciate what we do have greatly!

I remember the time when buying a full tank of gas or eating out was a huge deal because things were just so tight financially. Now that we have more, we appreciate it a lot because there was a time we just didn't have much.

I wonder if when we get to heaven and see all its splendor we will appreciate heaven and say, "You know, this is so wonderful because on earth we just didn't have that much that really mattered and now we have EVERYTHING that matters."

I don't know but it's just a thought for today.

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