Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stick With the Basics

I was fed, taught, have studied, and have learned the most basic of Sunday School principles the whole time I have been involved in Christian education. Never have I had the desire to get "fancy, shmancy" with this very critical and effective ministry. For that I am grateful.

In recent days, many of those basic ideas learned have come to light in practicality. After a recent leadership meeting where there was a lot of discussion about "open" enrollment or spinning off the old Andy Anderson "Growth Spiral" statement of enrolling anyone anywhere anytime, my pastor asked me to teach enrollment principles to the whole church last night and next Wednesday. I had a great time and I trust the congregation did as well.

I was excited to enroll a young lady for Sunday School this Tuesday night while making visits then this morning our awesome Latino pastor came to my office with "buenas noticias" (good news). He said that after teaching open enrollment to his congregation they have enrolled two families this week. One of the moms said that we were an answer to her prayers. They had no idea as to where to go to church but knew that we were sent by God. Amen to that!

I've had the opportunity to see God Almighty work in such amazing ways, not only in our lives, but in the lives of others recently. I should not be surprised...just reminded! I will continue to stick with the basics.