Thursday, February 18, 2010

God's Plan for Holiness

I am reading 66 Love Letters. It is a book written by Dr. Larry Crabb in quite a unique format; it is a dailogue between the author and God about the reason for God "writing" each of the 66 books of the Bible and how Christ is central in each book. In a recent chapter, I was taken by the following quote (God speaking):
"You ask what will work to make your life better, to correct the injustice you suffer, to see to it that more things go as they should in your life. I want you to ask what holiness would look like in your situation, whatever it is; holiness that might not right the wrongs you suffer but that would let us enjoy each other."

I couldn't help but think of what we as American Christians view as "injustice" in our lives; someone cutting in front of us getting "our" parking space, or when we get home discovering an incorrect charge from the department store, or how about gas prices going up 5 cents per gallon on our way back from dinner out and we have to pay an additional $1.50-$2.00 on a fill-up.

Is God really concerned about those sort of things? I am not sure He is or is not but I do know that there are true injustices by anybody's standards in our world-genuine persecution, government graft, physical and sexual abuse of children, and on I could go. I am reminded that God wants deep, personal, and intimate relationship with us; and He made a way for us to have realtionship with Him.

Simply put, He wants us to be more like Him in order to fellowship better with Him; through His Son is the only way. Jesus, Himself, said it well, "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life; no one comes to the Father except through me (emphasis added)" (John 14:6).

Not to minimize what many go through but God far more wants us holy rather than happy! It's just a thought for today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Locked Out"

As I was relaxing in front of the TV, I received a phone call from one of my Sunday School teachers with some terrible news; his mother had just passed away. I immediately contacted others who needed to know and headed to the nursing home where she had been being cared for since she had broken her hip a few weeks prior.

I went to the main entrance and by a sign on the door, I was informed to go to the "West Entrance." Well, I did; I rang the bell, buzzed the intercom button, and knocked on the door. No entrance there. I went a few yards to the East entrance and discovered the same sign as the one posted on the main entrance but I ran that bell, buzzed that intercom button, and knocked on that door but again to no avail. I was there to minister and the people on the inside were just ignoring me! To my confusion and frustration, none of my efforts would get me in.

As I stepped away from the door, an aid walked out of the main entrance door and I told her why I was there-to minister to one of my friends and asked if she could help me get in. Her reply was, Sure, I can get you in but he just left." I thanked her and got back in my car.

As I drove home I began to think about his mom being in heaven. Her works, as good and numerous as I am sure they were, would not get her in. There was only one way to get into heaven; a person, the Person of Jesus Christ. I was again reminded that it's nothing but Him and Him alone that will get any one though the gates of heaven. Then I asked myself a question, "Am I offering to help everyone I can to get into heaven; am I introducing them to the one Person who can bring them in?"

Thank you, young lady, for being used by God to open my eyes to an eternal truth. It's something to think about.