Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upcoming "Events"

This post gives information of my upcoming surgery.  For those of you who read this blog on occassion, you know that I have always had a bent toward pointing others to God and His goodness and not to, in any way, point toward myself.  Last week a Twitter, Facebook, and personal friend made a blog entry about his upcoming surgery.  I thought his approach was a very effective way to give information in a wholesale manner to those who were wanting to know but at the same time, leaving the door open to those who wanted more specific info to ask.  In either case, I encourage you to pray for Daniel Beard.  You can see his blog entry at

Some of you know that I have dealt with diverticulitis (occassional infection in the colon usually cleared up with anti-biotics) for several years now.  In recent days, I have had a persistent problem and have been advised by my gastro-intestinal doctor to have surgery.  After my most recent bout with it, I am in full agreement.  So the consultation has taken place and the decision has been made and scheduled; I will be having the infected section of my colon (about 12 inches) removed on Wednesday, May 19, at the Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville Alabama.  According to the surgeon, I should be in the hospital 3-4 days then about 3 weeks recovery at home.  I think I can cut that recovery time down a bit though.

According to everybody I have talked to who has had this surgery, I will feel so good after it's done, I'll be asking myself why I hadn't done it years ago.  I certainly hope that is the case. On another up side of this, I have already lost about 16 pounds and while I am looking forward to losing another 15 or so, I do NOT recommend this as a weight loss program. 

If you would be so kind to lift up me in prayer as I go into the surgery, I would greatly appreciate it.  Of course, my family as well, especially, my sweet wife, Zannie, need your prayers too.  Please also pray for my surgeon, and every person assisting in the surgery.  I want the "A" team on this project!  Also pray that I will not only have multiple opportunities but that I will be sensitve to seize the opportunities to lift up my Lord and point others to Him while in the hospital.  And while you are praying, remember my friend, Daniel, too.