Monday, January 31, 2011


I know it's not the Thanksgving season, but after all, isn't it always the season to be thankful?  I just had a brief conversation with my pastor who had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago and is in a great deal of pain all the time right now.  I have seen several emails today from people who are dealing with some very serious health issues.  Then there are those who are requesting prayer for employment.

And then there's me; I am blessed beyond measure.  I am convinced that no man living or dead has or had a better wife than me.  Few as good either.  God gave us three great kids and three awesome granddaughters.  I've healed pretty much completely from my recent knee surgery. I serve a church that has a staff so committed to their areas of ministry that it's a true blessing to come in to the office each day.   God has given me a ministry assistant who truly does keep me on track and doesn't just do her job (and extremely well, I might add) but one who has a standard of excellence and a haert for doing things above and beyond constantly.

The teachers I lead love God, love His Word, and love their flocks.They are as agreeable a bunch as I have ever had the joy and pleasure to work with.

The news is filled with articles of persecution and famine and tragedy.  I'll go home to a comfortable home and rest tonight with no fear.  Many today will make choices today as to which child gets fed; my biggest choice regarding food today has been toast or cereal for breakfast and what to order from the Crack Barrel menu at lunch.

I have the down payment of heaven in the Holy Spirit Who lives in me.  I truly am blessed!

My goodness!  I live a life for which I am truly thankful!