Friday, April 2, 2010

Are You Offensive?

Good Friday! No, let's celebrate "Spring Holiday" instead; that 's the cry of some city officials of an Iowa town. Silly, just plain silly! Good Friday is offensive! Easter is offensive! Jesus Christ is offensive! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive! Why are we so surprised? As long as Christians are a part of this world in such a way to make a difference, we will be offensive. Of course, I am not encouraging being offensive for the sake of being offensive but offensive for the sake of the Gospel.

As I type these words a team of workers are doing some minor repairs on my home. I wait for them to finish so I can share the Gospel with them. Will they be offended? I hope not but, in either case, I know that any offense is not directed toward me but toward Him. It's His Gospel, His Good News, but the news is only as good as the recipient wants to make it in his own appropriation. Yes, it is good regardless but personally good as applied.

For yourself, are you offensive? Not obnoxious, mind you, but offensive because you choose to share the Good News to a world which desparately needs to be "offended." It's just a thought for today.

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