Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No More "Playing Church"

When Robert Raikes developed the idea of a school on Sundays for the illiterate and less than well behaved children of chimney sweeps in Gloucester, England in 1780, he had no idea of the impact on this minister's life or the impact on the eternal lives of countless men, women, boys, and girls yet to come for over two centuries now.

"Sunday School is the church organized," said Harry Piland, the former director of Sunday School for, the then Baptist Sunday School Board, now LifeWay Church Resources. And as long as today's churches continue to view Sunday School as a ministry and not a program, it will not only survive, but it will thrive! Sunday School continues to prove itself to be one of the greatest tools available to today's church for reaching people for Christ and helping them grow and develop their walk with Him.

God continues to equip His leaders for the "work of ministry" and His faithful will continue to not just do Sunday School but work Sunday School in order to continue to make an eternal difference in our own communities and neighborhoods.

The day has come and gone when we can just "play church"!

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