Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy Love

It is always exciting for a parent to see the growth of a child in the physical sense but even more so spiritually. While on vacation, my 25 year old baby girl, Grace, introduced me to Francis Chan's book Crazy Love. Her statement was, "It's the kind of book you just underline everything in!" Man, was she ever right! After reading through once, I am now reading again a bit slower with a highlighter. Thank you, Gracie.

Chan points out some things about God that so often slip past us as we go through our lives such as how vast He actually is. As I begin to see Him for who He is I also see myself for who I am; it's not about me (to quote Rick Warren) and I do need to get over myself as Chan instructs. There is only One who can stop the world and everything in it and it's not me.

As I read and ponder the greatness of God; as I look at His majesty and holiness; as I realize that for Him to not only love me but to have a custom designed plan for me and for Him to orchestrate the steps and direction of that plan, I am brought to my face before Him. Chan appropriately says, "This awesome, omnipotent, omniscient Creator of everything has this insane, ridiculous, crazy love for me (my paraphrase)." My heart overflows with gratitude and amazement for Him and then I begin to realize all the more as to how little I know Him and understand Him.

My prayer is that as each day goes by I look less and less like this earth and more and more like the Christ He has given for me. That's a thought for today.

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