Monday, November 1, 2010

Ensley Kate

It's been a delight to have Grace and little Ensley in Alabama for a few days.  It's given me time to reflect a bit.  This afternoon as I held Ensley, I was taken back to earlier years.  Seeing her little legs almost involuntarily flail as she enjoyed a clean daper, I was given to the thought of how we often flail about in life.  I could see the generalities of her future-she will soon be sitting up, then crawl, walk, talk, and hug.  She will begin to make choices-some good and some bad. She will have to be disciplined and at times even punished.  The love of her parents and grandparents, as well aunts and uncles, will be no less, however.

Yesterday, as I held her innocent little body, I prayed that God would draw Ensley to Himself at an early age.  As much joy as there is in seeing your child win awards, excell in athletics and academics, as joyous the occassion is when they are married or even bear their own children, there is no greater joy than knowing they are born again. 

I have prayed the same prayer for our two other granddaughters and we continue to repeat that prayer. The same God and Creator who made heavens and earth, who has redeemed countless millions can do the same for Ensley.  I am grateful for His power, His willingness, and His desire to do so.

She, like all of us, can continue to flail about in life or she will have to opportunity to discover the plan He has for her.  Just like I pray for Ensley's salvation, I pray for her discovering and carrying out the plan God has custom designed for her.  Salvation secured in heaven and obedience in following Him on earth.  Both very good ideas!

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