Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seek His Face

In recent days, there have been numerous occassions when I needed to know what choice to make in situations that would effect others as well as myself.  I know that my wisdom is limited, to say the least, and I also know that eventhough my choice matters, I don't know the "unseens".  However, I know that God knows and there are no unseens for Him.

I had to just say, "Lord, this is what I think but I don't want to choose X if You want Y or A or B or something else of which I don't even know.  Please make it very clear as to what I should do."  It should be no suprise that He did.  As a result of seeing Him work in my life, I have begun a daily prayer of  something like, "Lord, there will be things crossing my path today that I, in myself, am not equipped to make a decision on.  Please give me wisdom to deal with what comes my way today.  I am not asking for tomorrow yet, just today."

Earlier this week when I was solicited for advise, I made a couple of suggestions but said, "Ultimately God knows all the details and you just need to get on your face before Him and see what it is He wants."  They did and He did make it clear.

Now here is the problem with all that; why is it that I sit here and write of a principle that all Christians know but so few, including me, seldom practice?  We know the power of prayer. We know the omniscience of God. We have been taught since an early age to seek Him first.  We have head knowledge of the right things to do but flesh, self-will, lack of faith, and who knows what else gets in the way of the implementation.

But the good side is that I am growing.  I am moving closer to Him. And I am daily experiencing how much He can be trusted.

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